Frostgrave: The Thaw of the Lich Lord Campaign

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Frostgrave: The Thaw of the Lich Lord Campaign

Postby Taser Maniac » Thu Nov 26, 2015 12:39 pm

We will be starting our first delve into Felstad using the new Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign rules book starting November 30th. We will be playing at Empire games on 1766 S Greenfield Rd, Mesa, AZ 85206 Mondays and Wednesdays. Each week we will play one scenario from the TTLL in consecutive order (i.e. Week one will be scenario 1, week 3 will be scenario 3 and week 7 will be scenario 7) and then a single scenario from the Core Rulebook. The two scenarios may be played in any order and at any time between monday and sunday. If you miss a week where you were only able to play one game (or none at all) you may make up that game with another player that has not. If you some how managed to be the odd ball out and you are the only player that missed out you may make a single Magical Research action during the between game Phase.

House Rules:
1. Ending The Game (pg 47)
a. In the event of one player having no figures remaining on the board, the player with figures remaining no longer collects all remaining treasure.
b. Add “The game ends immediately at the end of the seventh turn"
c. Add “When the game ends, all treasure still remaining on the board (whether carried or not) awards experience to each Wizard as per the experience tables”

2. Experience (pg 54)
a. Remove the +40, +80 and +150 experience awards for your Wizard removing any figures
b. Increase the +10 experience award for the Wizard or Apprentice casting a spell to +20 experience.
c. Add +25 experience for unclaimed treasure as detailed in 1c.

3. Between Games
a. The “Between Games” section in the Frostgrave rulebook is replaced by the sequence described in this document.

4. Model Silhouette
a. all models will be generalized using infinity silhouettes for model sizes
 S1 for giant rats
 S2 for base humanoid models (humans, goblins, rat men, half-giants etc.)
 S3 for none specified creatures with the Animal rule
 S5 Bears, White Gorillas, Giant Worms, and the Ghoul King
 S6 Models with the added Large rule

5. X Marks the Spot
a. In a standard set up game the will be a single standard treasure added to the very center of the game including on top of objects, builds, or inside buildings

6. Monster Slaying
a. A natural roll of 20 only causes double damage on monsters found in the bestiary with the exclusion of the Lich Lord

Between Games:
After each game, each player should complete a single Out of game turn.

Out of Game Turn Sequence
1. Roll for Treasure
2. Roll for Injuries
3. Optional: Cast Out of Game Spells [may only be performed once per Out of Game turn]
4. Roll for and apply Base effects (such as Library or Laboratory)
5. Level Up Wizard if necessary
6. Perform Wizard and Apprentice Actions
7. Optional: Cast Out of Game Spells [may only be performed if option 3 was not used]

Wizard and Apprentice Actions
During the Out of Game phase, the Wizard and his Apprentice may each take one Out of Game
action. This is not affected by their current injury status (such as missing the next game) or any other
game rule. Both actions must be declared before they are resolved.

The options are as follows:
 Visit a Vendor
 Oversee Improvements
 Recruit Soldiers
 Magical Research
 Scour the Ruins

The following activities may be performed freely and do not consume an action:
 Dismiss Soldiers
 Wizard Healthcare
 Buy/Sell Mundane Items (nonmagical weapons and armour)
 Transfer items between warband members

Visit a Vendor
You may purchase magic items that are available for purchase from any of the charts, you may also sell items whilst visiting that vendor.

Oversee Improvements
The spellcaster may oversee the building of a single base resource, at the cost listed in the Frostgrave rulebook. The cost must be paid, and the improvement may be added to the Warband’s record sheet. This is the only way that base resources may be constructed.

Recruit Soldiers
The spellcaster may recruit any number of soldiers by paying their costs as per the Frostgrave rulebook. This is the only way that new soldiers may be recruited (unless stated otherwise).

Magical Research
The wizard gains d20x10 experiance points

Scour the Ruins
You may only perform this action once per Out of Game Turn, and only if you captured zero to one treasure counters in your previous game. Roll once on the treasure table, halving any gold gains. Your Wizard gains 25 experiance points

Known registered Players:

Chak the Subjugator
Off the coast of the Hell Frost Sea lies the bleak and near frozen city, Horne. For years rumors have spread of creatures from the sewers coming out in the dead of night to kidnap men, women or children to be turned into a monsters themselves. Of course many just think its an old wives tale told to children to make them behave, but those unlucky enough to find themselves alone in the dead of night quickly learn the truth. That at the very heart of Horne's sewers is a cruel hearted, power hungry Wizard. This wizard that appear as some kind of demonic rat man, takes great joy in turning his victims into disgusting mutated monsters in his image. Chak the Subjugator is what his minions call him as he also enjoys shattering his victims minds and bending them to his every will. With the Magic Blizzard of Felstad finally dispersed after 1000 years of Ice Age, Chak sees an opportunity to collect items of power to further his goals of world domination.

Zach W.
Melvin the Meticulous
To the West of the Ancient city of Felstad is the Critter Kingdom. Though not actually a kingdom, the isle is home to multiple anthropomorphic races separated by various different clans as well as species. In the Critter Kingdom the population is almost entirely inhabited by various species of bipedal animals ranging from Mammals, Birds, and Lizards. Due to these differences of appearances and styles of survival, conflict often arises between the clans keeping the population of the clans at a constant minimum. Melvin the Meticulous, an Omnivalve, believes he might find proof that all the species of the clans were made by the same type of magic in Ancient Felstad a thousand years ago. With The magic blizzard final gone, this is the chance to finally get his proof and end the constant striff that befalls his homeland.

Kevin D.

Sam A.

John S.




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Re: Frostgrave: The Thaw of the Lich Lord Campaign

Postby wilkinson73 » Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:53 pm

Need to play this game. Unfortunately I live on the west side. Empire is a bit too far for me to play a campaign. Best of luck.

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