ITC changes as of now.

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ITC changes as of now.

Postby ds4502 » Sat Feb 20, 2016 1:27 pm

Cliff notes for those who don't have time to listen to the entire podcast.
Key changes to ITC:
1: they will record 5 scores, up to 3 RTTs (<28 players and 4 or less rounds), up to 4 GT level events (28+ players AND more then 4 rounds), 0-5 major event (5+ rounds and over 250 people).
2: multiplier is directly related to # of people that attend event
3: win streak up from 2 points per win to 3 points per win per round of being undefeated
4: Best of Faction (top 4 scores count only)
5: team scores pulled from more players (up to 3 scores per player)
6: regional scores (added aspect of regional "best of faction")
7: Maelstrom missions are generated at the start of each player turn, and can only be scored directly before you generate your next maelstrom objectives (like scorched earth)
8: roll 3 maelstrom missions and discard 1 for a total of 2 missions (more reliability in missions)
Current list of confirmed major events:
TSHFT (November)
Darkstar GT
Michigan GT
Warzone ATL
Storm of Silence
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Re: ITC changes as of now.

Postby Jaygh » Sat Feb 20, 2016 7:52 pm

Holy moly that roll 3 discard 1 is a godsend. Maybe I won't roll 6 every goddamn time now.

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