Silly Question: Terminator Heavy Weapons?

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Re: Silly Question: Terminator Heavy Weapons?

Postby NightLordsOldtimer » Sat May 11, 2013 12:05 am

Also, to Grifter's example, it's generally OK to proxy "down" such as having a model with a plasma pistol, but telling your opponent before the game that you didn't pay the points cost for the plasma pistol, so that model just has a bolt pistol, which is (generally) standard issue.

But to Exhibitmortis' point, play a bunch of games with different weapons options & load outs with friends or mentors, proxying (consistently, if possible) what you are trying out, BEFORE you take the time, trouble & dollars to kit out your guys a certain way. That will save you a lot of $$ and hassle, and keep you from having a bunch of models you end up not being able to use. Figure out a few list options, at various points levels (1500, 1750 & 2000 are recommended, several variations of each), play a whole bunch of games with those lists to see what works & what you like, then invest in the models you want & build them to those list options, and take it from there..

In the end, you'll probably end up with some models that you just don't ever take after a while, but this approach will keep you from having a ton of them & feeling like you've wasted a bunch of money.

Also, look for events like Empire Games' Merc Market, where you can find deals on one-offs & oddball stuff to flesh out the choices you want. Just be prepared to buy a few things you don't (think) you'll need in order to get the gems you do want; this often turns out to be cheaper than buying whole kits just to get the one or 2 things you're looking for. Then, the extra stuff you had to pick up to get the stuff you wanted goes into your bitz box, and bitz are "coin of the realm" in this hobby - you never know when some day in the future you'll have exactly what someone else needs that you're not going to use, and voila! you strike a deal and end up with more stuff you want...

Anyway, sorry for the rant, just trying to pass along some experience-based advice... ;-)
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Re: Silly Question: Terminator Heavy Weapons?

Postby SunDontShine » Mon May 13, 2013 12:15 pm

Sounds good thanks. I have another question. Does anyone have any good links I can reference to to magnetize units? I was just thinking how do you know where to apply the magnet and would u need to cut off pieces to let another weapon fit etc... Thanks

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