New Tau Codex, Thoughts?

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New Tau Codex, Thoughts?

Postby Abaddon » Sun Apr 07, 2013 9:59 pm

I got the new codex Saturday night and I have to say "I Really Like it". I love the support fire for overwatch, I think this will really help them. There's lots to list here, but I am wondering what you guys think are the highs and lows of the new codex.
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Re: New Tau Codex, Thoughts?

Postby Lightningman » Sun Apr 07, 2013 11:26 pm

So far I like it. It feels like they plugged some holes without going so far afield as to alienate those who already play them. No drastic changes, just some much needed refinement. It is going to be a kind of finesse army I think, lethal in the right hands but a lot of rules to juggle and if you don't get the synergy right you are going to be boned.

I love the new fighter/bomber model but it looks much bigger in the pictures than it is. smaller than a devilfish, looks more like a pirannah on steroids.

Both new battlesuits are very nice.

I hate the fact that they did the commander crisis suit as a finecast. It just isn't going to lend itself to customizing a bitchin commander for your new army the way a plastic kit would have done. That and I think the pose looks like he slipped on a banana peel.

On a related note, I would have liked to see an infantry commander kit. The finecast guy looks good but I just can't stand my general looking like everyone else's, not that I think you will be seeing many such generals.

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