Chaos Daemons with current Tau Allies?

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Chaos Daemons with current Tau Allies?

Postby ds4502 » Tue Mar 26, 2013 10:56 pm

Anyone have any thoughts on Nurgle shock troops with a Great unclean one with a balesword, with three broadsides at his back? You would never have to worry about the "one eye open" rule, since you should never be within 6 inches.

Viable or no?
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Re: Chaos Daemons with current Tau Allies?

Postby NightLordsOldtimer » Wed Mar 27, 2013 3:29 pm

Why take the Balesword on the GUO? He's a Monstrous Creature, AP2 and can Smash (S10), and re-roll armor penetration. All the Greater Rewards are awesome for him. I take him with 2 Greater Rewards & Mastery Level 3, all Biomancy. He's a freaking house!

As for the Broadsides, sure, could work, but you've got to take a Tau HQ & Troops, so you need to keep away from them, too. Could work. For the points I'd almost rather take a Soul Grinder with MoN & Phlegm Bombardment; it comes with Skyfire, and while not S8 AP1, can do more than shoot at fliers, more multipurpose.

Nice idea, tho. If the rumors are true, Broadsides are gonna rock. I fear for my Heldrakes... :shock:
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