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Selling ork army and other stuff

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:07 pm
by Son of Horus
Postingg an ork army for a friend that consists of:
94 boys
5 mega nobz
8 lootas
12 black reach deff koptas( 2 wing blades are missing)
1 battle waggon with deff rolla
2 trucks
21 nobs
10 stormboyz
20 gretchin
and 1 dakka jet/ bomber (not fully built)
1 pain boy
1 big mek in mega armor
1 war boss
1 snikrot
1 mek
2 nobz with banner
and a bunch of bitz.....
asking for $200 OBO

Can be contacted via phone @623-219-5275

Be advised He does not have a smart phone so can not keep up with pms or replies to this post so please contact in phone.

I hav for sale or trade:
4 prospero boxes worth of power armor marines
The XXX rated daemonettes

Pm me for prices these will stay up for a week.