Newbie's Casual 1850 Khorne Daemonkin

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Newbie's Casual 1850 Khorne Daemonkin

Postby nativejewmerican » Fri Jun 17, 2016 2:44 am

Before you read:
I have played a grand total of 3 games of Warhammer 40k and as a result know only a tiny shred of information, plus the pages on 1d4chan. From what I can draw however, Khorne's Daemonkin don't seem to have solid AA so if someone has a suggestion let me know. Currently I focused on gathering the models for the 5-7 blood tithe points (Bloodletters, Bloodcrushers, a Skull Cannon, and a Daemon Prince) and my pool of models is relatively limited. This list is for casual games and learning more of the rules while still being (hopefully) not absolutely terrible.

Slaughter Cult Formation
1 Chaos Lord with Aura of Dark Glory, and Goredrinker (5+ invuln and a weapon that gets better with each wound inflicted 75
2 Possessed both with icon of wrath 340
1 Berserkers with 10 men, 5 with chainaxe 234
2 Chaos Space Marines of 10 men each both with icon of wrath to allow for 1 heavy weapons 320

2 Rhino with dozer blades 180
1 Heldrake with Baleflamer 170
1 unit of Raptors 115
1 Skull Cannon 125
1 Forgefiend ( not sure if I want the dual autocannons or ectoplasma cannons) 180
I've seen games where people have brought in units from other factions (Mainly space marines using a different chapter) so if I am correct I can use this Chaos Space Marines Formation as well, but if not please correct me
1849 total points

Helcult Formation 210
1 Helbrute with reaper autocannon and power fist
2 Cultists

Total: 1849
The Slaughtercult gives the ability to reroll Warlord Traits and the ability to pick a second Blood tithe reward under 5 that only the detachment gets. The Helcult formation gives the Helbrute 3+ cover if there is a cultist in between the firing model and the helbrute that takes the hit if the cover save is successful.

As I am totally new both to the game and this website I am unaware of what people's knowledge may be about the units, the Blood tithe system, or the army in general so if it turns out to be unknown I am more than happy to provide information/ newb reasoning. Thank you all for any and all comments and any advice, either in changing units or in general about 40K would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: Newbie's Casual 1850 Khorne Daemonkin

Postby Charistoph » Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:32 am

For AA, your best bet is keeping the Autocannon on the Heldrake. 4 Str 8 shots are pretty mean to have against other Flyers (though Death From the Skies may have changes this), or the Aegis Defense Line Fortification and getting the Quad Gun. The Autocannons on the Forgefiend can suffice to a point, but their low accuracy against Flyers will reduce the volume of fire to being less effective.

And yes, you can include units from other armies, but they should remain in their own detachments. Unless a game organizer states otherwise, you can include as many detachments as you want in your army (so long as the points are available ;) ). There is also Unbound, which means you can include whatever units you want without regard to detachments, but not everyone is willing to play against it.
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