Orks decurion- with explaination

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Orks decurion- with explaination

Postby ds4502 » Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:00 pm

Ork Decurion List Idea (these are real rules for the decurion. The only part that is an "idea" is the actual list itself")
(Command Benefits)
Biggest An' Da Best: Warlord must issue and accept challenges whenever possible. If warlord removes a character in a challenge he can re-roll all failed To Wound rolls in close combat for the rest of the game.
Da Boss Iz Watchin: +2 on any Mob Rule roll and d3+3 hits instead of d6 hits
Da Big Boss: If you warlord is part of this detachment you can re-roll your warlord trait.
Da Great Waaagh!: If you warlord is part of this Detachment and has the WAAAGH! special rule, he can call a WAAAGH! every turn, including first.
Da Green Horde: (shorthand) If you initiate a charge with 10 or more models then you gain hammer of wrath, even if you lost models due to dangerous terrain/overwatch/etc...
Now that we are done with Command Benefits, time to explain my Ork Decurion Idea.
Warboss, PK, Shoota, Attack Squigg
Nobz (3), Trukk (nobs are slugga choppa tax unit)
Mek (slugga choppa second tax unit)
6x Boyz (10) (slugga Choppa)
Gretchin (10+runtherd)
2x Speshulists
2x Stormboyz (5) Nob/PK
Command: (the scary bit)
Council of WAAAGH!
Big Mek, PK, Slugga, Mega Force Field
Ghazkull Thrakka
Mad Dok Grotsnik
Nobz (10), (slugga Choppa) WAAAGH! Banner (Dedicated Transport) Battlewagon, Deff Rolla, Boarding plank
Warboss, Mega Armour, Attack Squigg
Warboss, Mega Armour, Attack Squigg
Time to explain what makes this amazing, in my opinion. It can be crushed but hear me out and let me know what you think.
Explaination on Rules of items and the council formation:
Council of WAAAGH! requires a WAAAGH! Banner, all the models are a single unit, and can not leave that unit or be joined by another independant character.
As long as the model with the WAAAGH! Banner is alive, all models in the same unit have Fearless and add 1 to the weapon skill characteristic on their profile. Additionally friendly units of orks in 12" re-roll failed morale and pinning checks.
Both of the Ork Warbosses in the formation have +1 WS on their profile.
Furthermore, at the start of each battle, before deployment, make 2 rolls on WAAAGH! Ghazkull warlord traits table, re-rolling duplicates, and apply bothe of the results to Ghazkull Thraka in addition to his standard Warlord Trait.
Item Rules Explained:
WAAAGH! Banner is +1 WS to every model in the unit.
Boarding Planks are +2 inches on charge, the turn the unit disembarks from the transport
Mega Forcefield gives a 4++ invul vs shooting attacks to all models (friend or foe) within 6" of the bearer, or it gives the invul to the vehicle it is embarked upon
Stormboyz Rokkit Packs (jump packs) allow them to run 2d6" but cause the unit to take dangerous terrain tests.
The WAAAGH! ability allows every model with the "ere' we go" special rule to run then charge. Normally this is not allowed until turn two. It is also normally only once per game.
Attack squigg = master-craft
and "ere' we go" which all orks have is re-roll 1 dice when attempting to charge
Explaination of why this is "Decurion Ghazkull":
Ghazkull Comes with the warlord trait "Prophet of the Waaagh!" which means any time that he uses his WAAAGH! all affected units gain the "Fearless" special rule. He also gets 2 re-rollable warlord traits out of the Ghazkull supplement book, which are added to his "Prophet of the Waaagh!"
Ghazkull also has a wonderful rule that, on any turn he calls a WAAAGH! he gains a 2+ invulnerable that lasts until the start of his next turn. In addition, any models with mega armour in his unit can run on the turn he calls WAAAGH! in spite of them having the Slow and Purposeful Rule (which is conferred by wearing Mega Armour.)
On top of that, Mad Dok Grotsnik grants his entire unit "Rampage" and "FnP". The unit does start off with 15 dudes in it, but the firepower that will be shoved on that unit will strip away some nobs I am sure.
The Anti-Drop pod aspect is to simply bubble wrap the battlewagon in the 60 boyz and 10 gretchin+ runtherd.
The Stormboyz have an effective threat range for charges of anywhere between 16" to 36" to go beat on some transports with their 4 str 9 power klaw attacks, or they can munch on a centurion star with the 2 units forcing draigo to either accept the challenge and let 1 nob +boyz beat on the squad, sacrifice a librarian/cent sergeant to a stormboyz nob and tank the rest on draigo, or refuse and have draigo sit on the side lines.
Every turn that Ghazkull is alive, the whole army is fearless. This army is ridiculously fast for a "footslog" army. It takes up a fairly large footprint on a table as well, allowing the "boyz" to fearlessly control the objectives in the middle part of the table.
I am not sure how well it will do, but it looks to be a very interesting way to run the Ghazkull Decurion.
Sorry for the long post. Let me know what you think.

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