Dark Eldar list.

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Dark Eldar list.

Postby dark_deco_fan » Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:00 pm

I've scrapped together a Dark eldar army. Wondering if there are any others out there that can help refine it. I've only seen 1 person field a DE army at Imperial Outpost. I've read that wyches are horrible, but they seem much better as bloodbrides.

HQ Archon w/Blast pistol and Venom w/ extra splinter cannon.

2x 10 woman squads of Bloodbrides w/Syrens haywire grenades, blast pistols. In raiders

1x 5 man squad of grotesques 4 w/liquifiers in a raider.

2x 10 man Kalabite warrior squads w/Sybarite w/ haywire grenades, hvy weapon spliter cannon. In raiders.

2x squads of reavers (6 each) w/caltrops and 2 blaster jet bikes.

1x Ravager loaded with dark lances.

Thinking first round roll up into what ever cover I can find, 2nd round move out of cover within 12 inches, shoot, the assualt. Or wait till round 3, for 5+ feel no pain.


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