Beginner DA 1000 List for Fun?

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Beginner DA 1000 List for Fun?

Postby SunDontShine » Wed Dec 11, 2013 12:29 pm

Hey guys, school is about to end this semester. I would like to get some input to make this a little more 'competitive' .Thanks

Company Master (125 pts)
Lion' Roar ---20
Power Sword ---15


Tact Squad (165 pts)
H. Bolter ---10
Plasma Gun --- 15

Tact Sqd (190)
Melta Gun --- 10
Missile Launcher ---15
Veteran Sgt --- 10
Plasma Pistol, Chain Sword ---15


Power Sword --- 15 (sgt)
Plasma Gun--- 15

W/ Dedicated Transport:
Razorback (75)
Twin-linked Assault Cannon --- 20

Fast Attack

Bike Squadron (105)
Plasma Gun--- 15
Sergeant --- 10

Heavy Support

Twin-linked Lascannon --- (25)
Sponson H. Bolters (20)

OPTIONAL: for remainder points I was thinking using one or the other below

Librarian (100)
Mastery Level 2 ---35



Missile Launcher ---15
Flakk ---10
two shotguns --- free
With Veterans, 2nd Tact Squad, and Bike squadron Sergeants having melta bombs --- 15pts

total = 1000 pts
The Above is listed what costs points, but the remaining troops in each squad will have the default war gear. Thanks

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Re: Beginner DA 1000 List for Fun?

Postby Gman » Tue Jan 21, 2014 8:29 am

Looks decent for 1000. I think I would go with the bikes for the points at the end. For such a small game, having a fast unit like that, will really be beneficial. 2 Troops, and mobile elites was a good setup. Good luck.
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Re: Beginner DA 1000 List for Fun?

Postby NightLordsOldtimer » Tue Jan 21, 2014 5:34 pm

Having the Scouts round out your 1,000 points is the better idea, (IMHO), as it's always good to have as many scoring units as you can, given that 5/6 of the standard missions use objectives.

On the other hand, at 1,000 points you can always combat squad your 2 Tactical squads at deployment & have 4 scoring units. Not sure a standard Libby is worth the points at that level, but I can't remember what tables the DA Libbys can roll on.

On the other hand, you're not likely to face many (or any) fliers at 1,000 points, so not sure if the Scouts with the flakk missiles are a good use of those points. Scouts with sniper rifles & camo cloaks are a good way to camp on an objective and thin out your opponents' Elite troops.

Not sure if you're trying to build a list to the models you have on hand, or building a list so you can pick up the units you want. Would help to know that...

Best of luck. Remember that when you want to grow your list, most friendly players (which is most players) will let you proxy what you want to try out so you can see how they do before you buy that new unit. You can even just use empty bases with little stickers on them to remind you what they are.

Of course, there's something good to be said about buying a unit/model because you like the look of it and then just playing it in your list because YOU like it, and not because it's a "Win" unit...

Hope that helps...
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