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High Elf list for this weekend.

Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:23 pm
by Blue Collar
I am headed to Tucson this weekend to play with the Hat's Game crew. They are doing a pre End Times tourney. Swede comp 6 to 14. 50% characters, no special characters. Snoopy told me it was from the Lone Wolf comp pack. The only lores I haven't tried are Light and Death. So here is my shot at a Light council. Pretty much the same models I always put on the table with slightly different set ups. It comped out at 11.4. If I did the math right.


Loremaster of Hoeth- Armor of Destiny, Dispel Scroll, General 305
Archmage - lvl 3 Light, Powerstone, Talisman of Preservation 250


Mage - lvl 2 Light, Scroll of Shielding 135
Mage - Light 85
Noble - BSB, Armor of Caledor 145
Noble- Reaver Bow, Shadow Armor, Great Weapon 124


35 Spears - Full Command, Banner of Discipline 360
24 Archers - Banner, Musician 260
5 Reavers- Bow, Spear 95
5 Reavers- Bow, Spear 95
5 Reavers- Bow, Spear 95


Tiranoc Chariot 70
7 Swordmasters 91
6 Swordmasters- Champion 88
6 Swordmasters- Champion 88


Bolt Thrower 70
Bolt Thrower 70
Bolt Thrower 70

2496 points

Re: High Elf list for this weekend.

Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:49 pm
by Lightningman
I think you have way too many points in characters and that you will never even with HE trickery have enough power dice to make 3 casters useful. I'd drop 1 hero mage and one hero noble and use the points to bulk something else out. Might do the same with one of the bolt throwers. Those swordmasters won't last long at that size, in fact I'd say drop the two characters and one bolt thrower, bulk out sword masters and divide the unit into two larger groups instead of 3 tiny ones.

I have historically gotten a lot of "sportsmanship" awards so take it for what it is worth.