Ideas on this 2500 DE list please (updated 05/22/2014)

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Ideas on this 2500 DE list please (updated 05/22/2014)

Postby ds4502 » Mon May 12, 2014 5:21 pm

Lords -295 (12%)
(General) Malus Darkblade -295

Heroes -331 (13%)
Master -166
BSB, Razor Standard, Heavy Armour, Sea dragon Cloak, Halberd, Cold One

Sorceress -165
LvL 2, Sacrificial Dagger, Ruby Ring of Ruin, Lore of Dark magic

Core -789 (32%)
(25) Blackark Corsairs -289
Additional CCW, Reaver(brace of repeater handbows)

(5) Dark Riders -110
Repeater Crossbows, Shields, Herald

(15) Darkshards -195

(15) Darkshards -195

Special -925 (37%)
(24) Cold One Knights -785
Dread Knight(sword of might), musician, Standard Bearer (banner of swiftness)

(2) Reaper Bolt Throwers -140

Rare -160 (6%)
Kharibdyss -160

I have not ran this list yet, but was curious what people thought of it.
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Re: Ideas on this 2500 DE list please

Postby SkavenInAZ » Mon May 12, 2014 6:37 pm

This looks like a less competitive list, so I'll give feedback accordingly.

Malus in a 5 man knight unit is asking to get a cannonball in the face. No LoS with the champion there. Either make the unit bigger, drop Malus, or... dont' play against cannons ;)

20 Wych Elves is probably not big enough a hammer.

LD2 on the Medusa is probably crippling -- not sure I'd field her at all.

Hope this helps
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Re: Ideas on this 2500 DE list please

Postby Lightningman » Tue May 13, 2014 5:22 pm

I'd definitely say too many points in characters in general.

Malus is great and all but I am pretty sure if you are hell bent on a double lord list that you could do a comparable dreadlord for less.

I think you are entirely too light on infantry. The witches hit hard but one good shot from any kind of stone thrower and you will lose half the unit. The shards are the only unit with enough static combat rez to act as a viable anvil.

Personally I'd drop malus and one of the reapers and maybe use the points to beef up the corsairs, and witches or add another shard unit.

That said I tend to play the models I like even if it isn't very effective so if that is where you are at then go go go.
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Re: Ideas on this 2500 DE list please

Postby gobbla » Tue May 13, 2014 7:46 pm

The lvl4 can only have 1 arcane item, not 3.
If you want 28 xbows split them in 2 units or you ll have to be 14 wide to be able to get all your shots.
Like Chris said don t take a champion in your 5 cold ones unit if you want a look out sir.
I would get rid of the banner of naggarythe on the cauldron and make your combat troops bigger with the points

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