Firestorm League Launching

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Firestorm League Launching

Postby Bolfry » Sun Sep 27, 2015 10:39 am

THIS IS THE OFFICAL SIGN UP. PLEASE REPLY WITH YOUR NAME, "HOME STORE," AND FACTION. As I am posting this late sign up will be considered valid through Sunday Sept 24, 2015 at 11:59 pm. (I might suggest an email or message to me with your email address so your game reports don't wind up in my spam folder.) Email contact for me:
Firestorm Escalation League
Who: Firestorm Armada Players in the Phoenix, AZ area
When: September 24, 2015 – November 12, 2015
Why: To have fun and grow in rules/faction knowledge and make more friends (get more players!)
Where: Your friendly neighborhood games store
Each week you are allowed to play 2 games for league points. (But you are encouraged to play as many games as you can fit in!)
Weeks run from Friday to Thursday. It is up to you to schedule your games but there are the following restrictions: You may NOT play the same player more than one (1) time per point level, and you may NOT play the same player more than three (3) times for the entire duration of the league (for league points that is, but you can play whoever you want as often as you want.)
You must declare your faction at sign up. You MUST play the same faction for the entire league, and it MUST be your core faction when allied forces are permitted. You MUST play the same list during any single league week to earn points. Each week the point value for fleet construction goes up you must include all forces previously used (per the calendar). Allied forces are not permitted until specified in the week listing.
Points tallied are as follows:
1 Point for a loss (by Battlelog)
2 Points for a draw (by Battlelog)
3 Points for a win (by Battlelog)
3 Points if you completed the mission objective (or special objective for your faction) The mission/objective points do NOT count toward your battlelog UNLESS the mission specifies that is the case, and if the mission points count toward your battlelog you do NOT get the additional 3 points for the league.
Players MUST play the mission of the week to earn league points. (Yes, expect a custom mission or two.) Missions will be released on the Friday the league week starts.
BOTH players will email me with the following information no later than the Friday of the next week or their points will be counted as zero (0) for that week:
Opponent, Outcome (win/loss/objectives/battlelog points scored), Date and location played, your fleet list
Week schedule:
25 Sep – 1 Oct 550 Points (This is what a single Patrol Fleet box can manage.)
2 Oct – 8 Oct 550 Points (This list MUST be used for all following games but is added upon in points.)
9 Oct – 15 Oct 900 Points
16 Oct – 22 Oct 900 Points
23 Oct – 29 Oct 900 Points (This list MUST be used in all following games but is added upon in points.)
30 Oct – 5 Nov 1200 points (Allied forces are permitted for this week’s games. The previous week’s fleet list may be adjusted down to permit allied factions at a maximum point value of 25% of the fleet’s 1200 points for this week. This is to encourage flavor and experimentation of allied forces.)
6 Nov – 12 Nov 1200 points. 50% Fleet points for Natural Allies permitted. No list requirements other than those as outlined in the current rules.
Whoever has the most points at the end of the league is the winner. Prize support (and structure of winnings) is being worked on but yet to be determined. Entry fee $5/player. If enough players sign up, I’d also like to run a “finalist match day” with the top four (4) players doing a double-elimination to determine our “Top Dog.”
NOTE: Not everyone has enough fleet collected yet to fill all the point values. This is to encourage further purchasing, of course; however, let’s all be nice about letting players run proxies (in case they don’t have funds, aren’t sure they want that unit yet, etc). Just make sure that if proxies are used all players at the table are clear what is what before the game starts and during game play.

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