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Warmachine Players List

Postby Gamers' Inn » Tue May 21, 2013 7:50 pm

The idea here is to have players put up their contact information which can be used by others to grab a game with them, which builds the individual store communities a bit more. This will help get more games going since although most stores have 1-2 days for miniatures, some players cannot make those days.

Also some players want to play against a specific Faction/Caster for whatever reason, be it testing, curiosity etc. Having a preset game also removes some of the anxiety of walking into a new store.

So, any interest in this? If so, reply here with the following info. If not, what could make it more useful or better?


Name: Josh
Factions Played: Cryx, Circle Orboros
Available Stores: Gamers' Inn, Empire Games, Battlefoam
Contact Information: josh.rowley@gmail.com, forum PM.
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