Official Privateer Press League Cards

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Official Privateer Press League Cards

Postby GamingSaloonBill » Sun Jan 06, 2013 1:05 pm

Hey everyone, I am stockpiling the official PP league cards for a campaing I would like to run. I'm asking for help finding the ones I'm missing. Please PM me with or post the link to any league cards I am missing. Thank you in advance!

What I have:
Nightfall: ... _Cards.pdf
Blasted Heath: ... _Cards.pdf
Blighted Shadows: ... _Cards.pdf
Windless Wastes: ... _Cards.pdf
Thundercliff Peaks: ... _Cards.pdf
Rotterhorn: ... _Cards.pdf
Sand Narrows: ... _Cards.pdf
Gnarls: ... EDUCED.pdf
Olgunholt: ... educed.pdf
Dark Secrets: ... grades.pdf
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